Our project’s last milestone is still unachieved! We’re longing to produce a multi-language educational broschure to be sent alongside the DVD (for free!), but we still urgently need basic funding for this to happen, and some more if we want it to happen in good conditions, with everyone getting a fair wage. You’re very welcome to support the project with a donation! Your name will be mentioned in the broschure in the “special thanks” section.

Please note: a donation receipt can be issued upon email request, or simply if you enter your personal address in the subject line of your bank transfer.

Donations via bank transfer

Via the charitable German association “Wachstumswende e.V.”:
Recipient: Wachstumswende e.V.
Subject: donation transition film project
IBAN: DE04430609677916508500
Banc: GLS Bank Bochum

Or directly via the French association “Milpafilms”:
Recipient: Milpafilms
Subject: donation transition film project
IBAN: DE90700222000071661059
Banc: Fidor Bank

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