Voices of Transition DVD: International edition

Voices of Transition documentary film DVD - International Version


Voices of Transition is an original & upbeat documentary, presenting concrete solutions to the food security challenges of our crisis-ridden age. It showcases community-led farming in Cuba, ingenious woodland farming methods in France and the Transition movement in the UK.

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16/9 format // PAL or NTSC (please comment your order if you need the NTSC version) // Dolby Surround 5.1 // 100 min. running time // all region codes //
incl. bonus interview // Original sound + German Voiceover // English captions in video

Contains subtitles in Englisch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Romanian, Portuguese, Swedish, Croatian, Polish, Corean, Chinese (Mandarin), Turkish and Catalan.


– Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org: “As this film shows, we can transition to a new world – there’s a way, provided we summon the will!”

– Prof. Niko Paech, author of Liberation from Excess: “I’m more excited about this film than any of the others looking at these topics. I’ve already seen it five times – more than Blade Runner and High Noon!

– Vandana Shiva, winner of the Right Livelihood Award: “This precious film  is about shaping the future here and now. With our tiny steps and collective solidarity, we will make sure the Tree of Life flourishes and grows! 

– Rob Hopkins, co-initiator of the Transition movement: “Voices of Transition educates, opens minds to new possibilities and presents a new vision of how our food system could be. As a historic transition unfolds, this film is a very powerful tool.”


Part I – France is a leader in agroforestry research. The natural forest ecosystem is the best source of inspiration for the shift away from destructive monocultural farming to diversified and truly efficient agricultural ecosystems.

Part II – With its roots in the UK, the Transition Town movement is now booming globally. Numerous grassroots initiatives are bringing food production into the city, encouraging resource-conscious thinking and re-localising infrastructure.

Part III – When the Soviet Union collapsed, so did Cuba’s oil supply. The country’s farms faced an unprecedented crisis. But Cuba has used this desperate situation to become a pioneer of agro-ecology and urban farming: 70% of all fruits and vegetables eaten in Havana are now grown in the city – and they´re organic.


Voices of Transition is as an “action movie” in the truest sense. The aim of the film is to bring people together, spark new initiatives, reveal (and generate) synergies and, last but not least, to make the transition as fun as possible. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you watch the film with family or friends. That way, you’ll find it much easier to channel the energy from the film into collective action!

If you are planning to hold a public screening, please contact us. Because we work on a very tight budget, we are dependent on screening fees. We’re happy to adjust the fee to fit your particular situation. Please drop us a line using this form and we’ll get back to you!

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