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+++ Innovative way to involve audience in launch of award-winning grassroots documentary ‘Voices of Transition’ +++

The international version of the award-winning documentary ‘Voices of Transition’ directed by Nils Aguilar will be released on October 16th, World Food Day 2014.

‘Voices of Transition’ presents innovative, inspirational – and concrete – solutions to the food security challenges we humans are increasingly facing. It explores the organic farming revolution in Cuba, agroforestry models in France and community-led transition town initiatives in the UK.

Since its very successful theatrical launch in Germany in 2013 and in Austria in 2014, ‘Voices of Transition’ has been translated into 18 languages (with 16 being now available on the international DVD). But those languages alone won’t enable this change-maker “tool” to go global… Director Nils Aguilar is thus exploring ways to involve the audience itself to use the film as a “seed-bomb”:

“With downloadable screening kits adapted to different audiences and tools that allow for local theatrical screenings to be crowd-funded [see], ‘Voices of Transition’ can now easily be screened in his or her neighborhood, school, university or town. The overarching goal of our campaign is to inspire as many people as possible to start with their own ‘transition’ – whether it means that we start out with our personal day-to-day habits or that we’re getting on board the entire neighborhood; whether applied at the scale of window-sills, urban community gardens or a whole nation!”.

The film’s strong impact on the ground has been evident as numerous transition and farming initiatives have been sparked spontaneously, during discussions after public screening events.

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+++ PRESS RELEASE: German DVD release on January 17th, 2014, to coincide with the Global Forum on Food and Agriculture +++

On the 17th of January, to coincide with the UN Year of Family Farming ( and the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (17. – 26.1214,, French-German filmmaker and sociologist Nils Aguliar released his award-winning film, Voices of Transition, on DVD.

The documentary highlights pioneering examples from France, England and Cuba which show that we can feed the world: by re-localising agriculture and freeing it from dependence on fossil fuels.

Milpa Film’s partners for the DVD release were:

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***PLEASE NOTE: The international DVD (with subtitles in 15 languages) will be released on the 21st of March. To be informed about the international DVD release, please contact us with your email address.***

Film specs:

Documentary, 66 min. (52 min.) / France, Germany 2012 / Theatrical release in Germany: May 3rd, 2013

Original & German voiceover
Director & Producer: Nils Aguilar / Milpa Films
Subtitle versions: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Croatian, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean
Formats: DCP, Blu Ray, DVD, ProRes 4444

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