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Our movie’s aim is to catalyze transition wherever possible: ‘Voices of Transition’ isn’t just a documentary film – it’s a tool to inspire communities to rediscover their collective potential.  

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some milestones reached

1. The film has already sparked the founding of 18 Transition initiatives! (mainly in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium).
2. Volunteers have translated the film in 17 languages!

Please read along if you want to know more about the goals of our campaign:

Portraits of the Voices of Transition Team

Goal One – Amplified Voices

We’d like to be able to place advertisements in publications of different countries. We also want to gather feedback from screenings and publish it online so that people can learn from each other’s responses, ideas and experiences and support each other in the transition.

Goal Two – Strengthened Voices

We’d like to increase the film’s impact by creating an accompanying booklet. This will include background information along with practical ideas on how to start the transition in your own community. The booklet will be beautifully illustrated and appropriate for use in schools and community groups. It will be translated into ● English ● French ● German.

Goal Three – Translated Voices

We’d love to have an English synchronized version, but it’s a pretty expensive thing to make. Also, for sure we’d like to create subtitles in Russian, Arabic and (insert your favourite language here)!

And what else can I do?

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