UK Launch Day 2015

Voices of Transition is coming to the UK!

Check out below for the full list of screenings. Not one happening near you? It’s not too late to organise one so get in touch!

You’re most welcome to join in and host a screening with your local community group. As a fund-raiser, a campaign starter, membership booster or social event: Voices of Transition has proven to always be very fertile for your community!

Please get in touch with Phil and Lauren at voicesoftransitionuk(at) and download our more detailed pdf.

Wien Topkino

screening Dates

14th March
Cross House, The Cross, Linlithgow, West Lothian, SCOTLAND
Voices of Transition
Kino Lounge, 39 Bourne Avenue Bournemouth England

Voices of Transition
Braziers Park College, 0X10 6AN Ipsden Wallingford England

Voices of Transition
Pauper’s Pit, Old Hall Hotel Buxton Derbyshire England

Voices of Transition
Communicare, Quennevais Road St Brelade Jersey Jersey

Voices of Transition
The Environment Team at Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitcan University, All Saints Campus Manchester England

Voices of Transition
Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane Cambridge England

Voices of Transition
Michael Sadler Building, University of Leeds Leeds England