The Film

Voices of Transition is a fully independent, 66 minute-long documentary, directed and produced by Nils Aguilar. It is the fruit of four years’ passionate work and has benefitted hugely from the work of volunteers scattered all over the world.

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The aim of the project is to provide the Transition Town Movement with an educational tool and to contribute to the promotion of agro-ecology through screenings and debates in schools, universities, agriculture organisations and public places.

A documentary "action" film!

Documentary films are an excellent means to reach a wide audience, generate an emotional impact and inspire the birth of new initiatives and practices. They are also powerful teaching aids.
We believe that Voices of Transition does exactly that: it highlights new and innovative solutions such as agroforestry and the Transition movement, and it distinguishes itself from other documentaries by focussing on the positive solutions that we can begin to put into practice now!


“Voices of Transition” has been screened on more than 20 international festivals. Now we’re working closely with partner associationstransition initiatives, students groups, Slow Food Comitees and many more to bring the fertile ideas of our film to the eyes and ears of changemakers and soon-to-be changemakers.
We like the screenings to be followed by debates (animated e.g. by local transition heroes :) so that the power of the film and the motivation it inspires don’t fade after the credits have stopped rolling! Instead, we want the energy generated to be channelled – for example, towards the creation of new Transition initiatives.

An international film!

The relevance of Voices of Transition extends far beyond the production countries France and Germany, and thanks to a very supportive crowd and many volunteers, we’ve succeeded in having 19 language versions… and counting:

English; SpanishFrenchGermanJapanesePortuguese; Chinese (Mandarin); Croatian; Italian; Korean; Dutch; Polish; Romanian; Spanish; Swedish; Turkish; Czech; Bulgarian; Lithuanian…

Would you like to help us creating new subtitles? Then please contact us!

DVD, Blu-Ray, DCP

A DVD with multilingual subtitles and bonus interview material is available since 2014. The sales of this DVD will enable us to cover the costs of producing the film and will also enable local initiatives all over the world to host their own screenings. For theatrical screenings, we offer Blu-Ray and DCP.