BEST ENVIRONMENTAL FILM, The Colorado International Film Festival, 2014
WINNER FIRST TIME DIRECTOR, Oregon Film Awards, 2014
MAIN PRIZE: Ecological Success Stories Ekotopfilm-Festival, 2012
OFFICIAL FINALIST: Yosemite International Film Festival, 2013


  • Festival Alimenterre Frankreich, 2013
  • DR Environmental Film Festival Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2013
  • Filmambiente Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2013
  • Ecofest International Festival of Ecology Films Transylvania, Romania
  • Green Film Festival in Seoul Seoul, South Korea, 2013
  • Festival International du Film de l’Environnement FIFE Paris, France, 2013
  • Cinema Verde Festival Gainesville, Florida, 2013
  • Environmental Film Fest (in the Nation’s capital) Washington, D.C., 2013
  • Cinema Politica Canada, 2013
  • ekotopfilm-Festival Bratislava, 2012
  • Festival Génération Durable in Verneuil-sur-Avre, 2012
  • Globale 2012 in Würzburg und Leipzig
  • Festival du Film Vert, Romandie, 2012
  • Festival Alimenterre Brüssel, 2012
  • Festival des Libertés Brüssel, 2012
  • 8e Festival International du Film Ecologique de Bourges, 2012


– Bill McKibben, founder of “As this film shows, we can transition to a new world – there’s a way, provided we summon the will!”

– Prof. Niko Paech, author of Liberation from Excess: “I’m more excited about this film than any of the others looking at these topics. I’ve already seen it five times – more than Blade Runner and High Noon!

– Vandana Shiva, winner of the Right Livelihood Award: “This precious film  is about shaping the future here and now. With our tiny steps and collective solidarity, we will make sure the Tree of Life flourishes and grows! 

– Rob Hopkins, co-initiator of the Transition movement: “Voices of Transition educates, opens minds to new possibilities and presents a new vision of how our food system could be. As a historic transition unfolds, this film is a very powerful tool.


One of the “top food films to make you think“, according to the Sustainable Food Trust: “The engaged optimism of these transition voices is contagious…

“…a ray of hope.” – Jean-Paul LaCount, The Chic Ecologist

From traditional mixed farming techniques in France, to agroforestry and community action in the UK, the film provides many tangible and sustainable alternatives.” – Village Green Magazine

Voices of Transition (…) leaves you with raised awareness, an urge to be a part of the change and with practical ideas that you can start implementing immediately.” –