Seeds for a fertile spring!








Dear friend, do you agree that this tumultuous year at its end should at least bring us positive, fertile, changivistic Christmas presents? Well, then just give away our Voices of Transition DVD and seed hope and empowerment :)

If you order this week, we’ll make you benefit from a discount: 20% if you order 1 DVD and 30% if you order at least 2 DVD’s! *

What’s more, by buying the DVD you’ll help us keep going in the particularly important International Year of the Soils 2015 and for the next Climate Conference in Paris (we’ll keep you posted!). 

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Thank you from the bottom of our little hearts.

Nils, Eva, Louis, Lauren, Phil, Katie, Timo and our numerous supporters

P.S. In addition to the DVD on our website, we’re also offering a downloadable version of the film on VHX now.

* P.P.S. How to get the discount? Just fill in the field named “Coupon” with “discount1” (for a 20% discount) or “discount2” (for a 30% discount when you buy at least 2 DVDs).


It’s UK LAUNCH TIME! Get involved now for February 5th 2015

Do you want to join in and host a screening with your local community group, as a fund-raiser, campaign starter, membership booster or social event?

Then please download the more detailed pdf and get in touch with Phil and Lauren at voicesoftransitionuk(at)
We hope to see you soon!
Your Milpa Films UK team