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As part of  our May 2015 Belgium Tour, Nils hat the great honour to have a fertile little conversation with Iez in Antwerpen, aired on Redactie Radio Centraal just two days ago.

Topics included the real costs of a 1€ chocolate bar, the invention of the dung heap and how bourgeois the Transition Town movement actually is.

And here’s what they said:


Read the summary from Radio Centraal website article here:

“World citizen Nils Aguilar (a Frenchman with Spanish roots who grew up in Germany) studied sociology. Travelling in Argentina in 2005, he witnessed an indigenous tribe being expelled with violence from their ancestral homelands by a tobacco producer. Back in Buenos Aires he visited the Universidad Popular Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, where he attended two introduction sessions into documentary making. That’s how the plan arose to visualize the perverted side of our current, profit-driven agricultural model.

 Because agriculture touches several hot issues (energy, climate change, land grabbing, hunger, biodiversity, culture …), he ended up with the transition movement: hence the title, voices of Transition. He filmed in France, the UK, and Cuba. The documentary wants to inspire people to break their isolation and, for example, dig a vegetable garden in the school’s parking lot. This inspiration can go in many countries, since there are nineteen subtitle sets so far, among which Japanese, Korean and Mandarine. And also Dutch: Voices of Transition toured a few weeks in Flandres recently, with Nils Aguilar attending. That’s how iez could have an interview with him in Antwerp. Topics in the talk are, among others:

– From what year on will biological methods be competitive with chemical fertilizer (which are based on gas)?
– What’s the real cost of a € 1 chocolate bar?
– In what century was the dung heap invented?
– What’s the advantage of using the term ‘resilience’ over ‘sustainability’?
– How bourgeois is the transition movement?
– Could permaculture be incorporated by big business?
– What’s so great about agroforestry?

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